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Idea's for the Blank Mind
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This community is for inspiring other people who may not be able to come up with a good idea for what to draw, take a picture of, or write about. You can post a picture, rough sketch, or just a thought you have that might generate some ideas for people looking for something to base a peice of any kind of art on. Finished art after an inspiration from this community would be nice to see in a post. Enjoy what you see and keep on inspiring the World!!

and oh yeah. it could be a critique also. share anyhting about the posts you like, but it is especially about getting ideas for projects you want to start.

And one more thing, update all the time!! Update 40 times a day if you want to. New stuff is what we want to look at, not the same things for two weeks. comment a lot also. It'll be fun!!

Ok I lied, one more thing. i promise this time. TELL ALL YOUR ART-ADDICT FRIENDS about its_inspiration !!